7 & 8 Dec 2020

Shift Money'20
is happening!

With everything going on we are sure some of you were wondering if Shift Money was going to happen in (really odd year of) 2020, and the short answer is YES!
Shift Money will take place on December 7 & 8 in Zagreb, Croatia this year.
The long answer, and to elaborate a bit is a bit more complex, but please give us a minute to explain everything, and to put your mind at rest about the safety. The following is a detailed description of the precautions we are taking and the changes that are in store for you at Shift Money 2020.
Shift - Open–air
Currently in Croatia, open-air events are allowed and taking place every day, from concerts to operas to open are movie theaters - open-air events are the first step in enabling a safe conference and that is why we will be organising Shift Money in the amazing Lauba House, Zagreb. The Lauba House was initially built as a riding arena within the Austro - Hungarian Cavalry Barracks in 1910. It has now been transformed into a place of experience, learning, entertainment and social interaction.
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Shift - Thermal testing
Thermal testing
All attendees will be thermal tested before entrance, in an effort to maximise the safety of all attendees.
Shift - Protective Face Masks
Protective Face Masks
Every attendee will be given a complimentary face mask that they can wear during the event. Even though wearing a mask in the outdoors is not necessary or mandatory, we wish to clearly enable and state that all that wish to wear a mask are encouraged to do so.
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Shift - Spacing and Size
Spacing and Size
Health guidelines on the stage will be:
4 meters away from the audience
All audience seating will be arranged with a 1,5m distance
300 seats available, limiting the total amount of people in the audience
This of course will make the for a less dense crowd - but safety first!
Special features
Sanitation Stations
To keep hands sanitized, we will be giving out hand sanitizers to all participants along with facemasks, but just in case there will be hand sanitizing stations all over the event.
The stations will provide both hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. The wipes will be used by staff to sanitize and touchable surface, but will also be made available for attendees if they feel something should be additionally wiped.
In this day and age it is very important to keep your hands sanitized, and also we don’t want to create lines in the bathrooms just for hand sanitation :)
Shift - Sanitation Stations
Badge pickup
Badge pickup is where there are often a lot of people standing together and waiting - which of course we all want to avoid. To address this we will enable badge pickup all day on Sunday (the day before) and all morning the day of the conference. In this manner there will be no crowded queues at the start of the conference - just a fast track to scan and enter.
Shift - Badge pickup
Food Service
We will be having some amazing burgers for lunch (or should I say dinner), and epic cocktails during the “coffee breaks”, but we still must watch out for safety. So we will use floor markings showing a 1,5m distance, to maintain physical distance between attendees. Hand hygiene stations will be available at the beginning and end of the line. All food will be served by masked and gloved servers.
Shift - Food Service
Lastly, Shift Money is going Hybrid! We know that not all can come to our in person Shift Money, so due to travel restrictions and others due to the limited amount of tickets, we are introducing something completely new, a hybrid Shift Money Conference experience. What a Hybrid conference means is that it will be both In-person and Virtual at the same time!
Virtual attendees will be able to see the event via our stream and also interact with all attendees via our Event app. There are also specific perks of the Virtual attendee which inkling exclusive "Ask me Anything" sessions with our key speakers. Definitely a brand new experience :)
Shift - Hybrid
Serving Staff
All serving staff will be wearing protective gloves and masks throughout the entire time of the conference.
Shift - Serving Staff
Check-in Kiosks to lower as much unneeded interaction as possible we will have Self-Service Check-in Kiosks, as an attendee all you have to do is walk up, type in your name and your badge will be printed - it's as easy as that!
Shift - Self-Service
Disinfectant Wipes
There are a lot of people here and a lot of surfaces, so to keep things as hygienic as possible there will be disinfectant wipes on all surfaces available for you to use. Our cleaning team will also be there, but in case you feel that a surface should be additional clean you are more than welcome to do so.
Shift - Disinfectant Wipes
AV Equipment
We have multiple speakers, and as they will be sharing microphones and such, we will disinfect each after usage. Making sure the next speakers as a fully disinfected equipment.
Shift - AV Equipment
Grab a ticket!
So get your tickets now, while there still are some!
See you in September!