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What is Shift?
Shift is a developer conference, originally established in Croatia where it has been held for more than a decade and grew to the biggest event of its kind in the region. In 2023, Shift is expanding internationally for the first time, with the event coming to Miami in May of 2023. The flagship event in Croatia will be held on the 18th and 19th of September. Both events will once again gather global developers, software engineers, product owners, startup founders, and IT experts and enthusiasts of all kinds.
When and where will Shift 2023 be held?
Shift USA will be held in Miami on the 23rd of May, in the Perez Art Museum Miami.
Shift Croatia is returning to Zadar on the 18th and 19th of September 2023, and will once again be held in Višnjik.
How can I connect with other attendees at the conference?
All Shift attendees will be able to download and use the event app which is easy to use and will feature an option for contacting all attendees and speakers.
Will there be a place to send an email or have a business call on Shift?
Yes, we will prepare business areas with desks and chairs where attendees will have time to do some work or have an in-person or online meeting.
Is it possible to set up meetings/chat with attendees?
Yes, all attendees that have downloaded the app will be able to contact other attendees, set up a meeting, or simply have a chat.
Are the refreshments free of charge?
Yes, refreshments at the event will be provided by our vendors and will be free of charge for all attendees. Refreshments include both meat and vegan dishes, and different types of beverages.
Who can attend the afterparty, and how?
All attendees can attend the afterparty. More details will be provided soon via email, social media, and the event app.
Can I bring my kid?
Shift is a kid-friendly event, but no child care service will be provided. Kids can attend, but with parents' supervision.