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What is Infobip Shift?
Infobip Shift is a developer conference, the largest in SE Europe. For more than a decade, Shift has gathered a global developer community, establishing itself as one of the most relevant events for developers, software engineers, product owners, startup founders, and IT experts and enthusiasts of all kinds.
When and where will Infobip Shift 2022 be held?
Infobip Shift will be held in Zadar, Croatia on the 19th and 20th of September
How can I connect with other attendees at the conference?
All Infobip Shift attendees will be able to download and use the event app which is easy to use and will feature an option of contacting all attendees and speakers.
Where can I learn about the program?
You can find the program of the event here, as well as via app or newsletter which you can apply for here.
Will there be a place to send an email or have a business call on Infobip Shift?
Yes, there will be two different business areas with desks and chairs where attendees will have time to do some work or have an in-person or online meeting.
Will it is possible to set up meetings/chat with attendees?
Yes, all attendees that have downloaded the app will be able to contact other attendees, set up a meeting, or simply have a chat.
Are the refreshments free of charge?
Yes, refreshments in the Garden area will be provided by our vendors and will be free of charge for all attendees. Refreshments include both meat and vegan dishes, and different types of beverages.
Who can attend the afterparties, and how?
All attendees can attend afterparties on both days of the event. More details will be provided soon via email, social media, and event app.
Can I bring my kid?
Infobip Shift is a kids friendly event, but no child care service will be provided. Kids can attend, but with parents' supervision.
How can I get a ticket for Infobip Shift?
You can buy your Infobip Shift tickets via our website or our ticket vendor Entrio.
What are the different categories of tickets?
There are four categories; Student Pass, Standard Pass, All Access Pass, and Virtual Pass.
Do I need to print my ticket?
No, simply present a QR code at the entrance to the event.
When and where can I collect my badge?
The badge can be collected at the venue (Višnjik, Splitska Ulica 3, Zadar) on the 18th (the day before) and on the 19th and 20th of September. We would recommend collecting a badge on the 18th to avoid crowds on the days of the event.
Can I buy tickets for my colleagues/friends?
Yes, you can buy tickets for other people, and groups receive a group discount.
Can I get an invoice instead of a Pro-forma?
Yes, the invoice option can be chosen via the Entrio platform, our ticket vendor.
Can I get a ticket for just 1 day?
No, tickets are for both days.
When is the latest I can purchase tickets online?
The deadline for buying tickets is Monday 19th September at midnight.
Exhibit & Sponsor
How do I get a booth at the Infobip Shift 2022?
You can apply through the sponsorship form here.
What are the differences between sponsorships?
Sponsorships range from one star to five stars, with each higher level of sponsorship increasing the sponsor's presence and visibility at the event. Find more information from our sales representative.
What are the add-ons to sponsorship packages?
Add-ons include sponsorship of lunch, business, and lounge areas. Of course, there is also an option of a la carte sponsorship, but for all details please contact our sales representative.
How many tickets are included in sponsorship packages?
  • One star – 2 tickets
  • Two stars – 5 tickets
  • Three stars – 10 tickets
  • Four stars – 20 tickets
  • Five stars – 30 tickets
Where are attendees of Infobip Shift 2022 from?
Attendees are coming from Croatia and the region, and also countries from all over the globe. This year, there is a noticeable increase in several attendees from the USA, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany.
Do sponsors get tickets for speakers' dinner or afterparty?
All attendees can attend the afterparties, regardless if they are sponsors or not. For the Speakers' dinner, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star sponsors get tickets.
Is accommodation provided by organizers?
Accommodation isn't provided by the organizers, but all attendees can get a 10% discount for a stay in Falkensteiner hotels.
Can I book 1-ON-1 meetings with other attendees/sponsors?
Yes, all attendees can book meeting with other attendees via the event app.
How do I collect leads?
Leads can be collected with the event app.
How do I become a partner?
You can join us via our website. Simply fill out the form for the capacity you wish to partner in, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Do partners get free tickets?
All partners get free tickets for themselves, which can't be transferred to somebody else.
Are partners from tech-only fields?
No, Infobip Shift is a versatile event that aims to provide a unique experience for all attendees. Therefore, our partners range from the automobile industry to sneaker retailers. If you have an idea of how we could partner, please share it with us via the application form.
How can I contact the Infobip Shift team?
You can contact us by email at, our Omnia chatbot, and our social media channels.
Who can get a media pass?
All journalists from legitimate media outlets can get a media pass.
How do I book interviews with speakers?
Interviews can be booked via the event app, and conducted in a press corner in the Speakers' Area.
Where can I find photos from Infobip Shift?
You can find all photos on our Flickr profile
Where is the closest airport?
Restaurants, bars, hotels, and traveling in Zadar?
Zadar provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to rest and relax. Find out more here.
How can I get to the venue?
We encourage all attendees to reach the venue using taxi services, as well as Uber and Bolt. For those who are coming with their vehicle, we have secured free parking spaces at the venue.
Is Infobip Shift accessible by wheelchair?
Yes, all floors and halls of Infobip Shift are wheelchair accessible.