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Welcome to Infobip Shift Newsroom. Here you can find all the press materials and branding assets.

Media Kit

Shift Logo white
Shift Logo white
Shift Logo dark

Primary Logo

The Infobip Shift logo is the cornerstone of our visual identity and a symbol of our brand. It represents who we are and what we stand for, and it's important that it's used consistently across all communication materials.

Logo Glyph

One of two primary identity elements - the symbol is the visualization of our brand. Built to rapidly identify our organization.

Brand Colors

The Infobip Shift brand uses specific colors to create a consistent visual identity. The primary colors used in our logo and throughout our visual materials are Infobip Orange #FC6423 and Infobip NT Blue #0C1B2C
Infobip Orange #FC6423
Infobip NT Blue #0C1B2C

Infobip Shift Duck

The 3D duck model is available for utilization in your marketing materials.

Press releases

Thank you for your interest in applying for press registration. Each year, Infobip Shift welcomes journalists from across the world to cover the whole event free of charge. Fill out the form below to register.