Key to Success and Happiness


Shift is an event that gathers the global tech community, and thousands of people interested in learning, networking, and sharing knowledge. As organizers of such an event, we are aware of the many challenges that we have to face and the responsibilities that we have to take on.
We are determined in our efforts to make Shift an event where all participants feel welcomed and respected, where minimum harm is done to the environment, and where different and under-represented voices can be heard.
The road before us is long and there is always more to be done. It is part of our mission to continue and constantly improve to reach these goals. With previous editions of the conference, we have built a healthy foundation to build on in the future.
Shift equality
...promoting equality and inclusiveness.
In 2022, we have invested efforts to make sure attendees with various needs, interests, and backgrounds can find everything they need to enjoy the Shift conference. Varied food options included meat and vegan menus, all areas of the venue were wheelchair accessible, and we made sure to avoid any exclusionary language or imagery.
Our goal for 2023 is to build on the good practices of the last year to make sure we achieve equality for all attendees. From an updated Code of Conduct to implementing a system for reporting harassment or discrimination, this year we will make Shift safe and accessible for all.
Shift diversity
...the acceptance and respect for differences.
We are proud to say that last year Shift's attendance was 45% female, which is somewhat of a rarity in tech events. This year, we plan to increase that number to 50% and to achieve that goal we will once again partner with organizations that promote women in tech and business.
Our commitment to diversity was visible on stage as well. Out of 80 speakers, almost 50% of them came from disadvantaged communities and provided high-quality talks that all attendees could learn from.
In 2023, we will continue to provide equal opportunities for speakers from various backgrounds, while simultaneously staying strongly focused on the utmost quality of our speakers and their sessions.
Infobip sustainability
...for creating a better future.
Getting thousands of people in one place usually means a lot of unsorted waste, irrational fuel consumption, and the use of harmful plastic. In 2022, we made certain to avoid all of that by providing different waste baskets for appropriate waste disposal, inviting attendees to avoid arriving with their cars and using recyclable plates and cups.
This year we will go one step forward in promoting a sustainable event. There is room for improvement and we plan to use it. We will double our efforts of discarding non-recyclable materials, invite attendees to manage waste, and promote a healthy, green and environment-friendly event.

Who Attended Shift 2022?

Software developers, product managers, engineers, managing directors, freelance coders, creatives, and founders from companies like: