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Join us in Zadar this September as regional tech leaders, international keynote speakers, and representatives from global tech giants converge. Seize the opportunity to engage with them firsthand and uncover stories that will captivate your audience.
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Here's what you can expect at Shift
Access to Key Industry Figures
Engage with regional tech leaders, international keynote speakers, and representatives from global tech giants.
Story Opportunities
Uncover stories that capture the essence of innovation and technological advancement.
Stay Ahead of Industry Trends
Immerse yourself in the latest trends shaping the future of the tech world. Gain firsthand knowledge of emerging technologies and developments.
Connect with Startups
Meet upcoming startups and explore their innovative solutions. Uncover unique stories and showcase the next generation of tech disruptors.

Event Location

Visnjik Sports Center is one of the biggest venues in Croatia, an imposing facility whose dome shape makes it a recognizable Zadar landmark. More than 15,000 m2 of Visnjik will host six stages and five halls of Shift, and our spectacular event production will transform the venue into a futuristic experience to remember.

Accommodation and Transport

It is not too early to plan your stay! If you are wondering where to stay and how to get here, find sites below that you can use to plan your trip.

Who Attended Shift 2023?

Software developers, product managers, engineers, managing directors, freelance coders, creatives, and founders from companies like:
What is Shift?
Shift is a developer conference, the largest in SE Europe. For more than a decade, Shift has gathered a global developer community, establishing itself as one of the most relevant events for developers, software engineers, product owners, startup founders, and IT experts and enthusiasts of all kinds.
When and where will Shift 2024 be held?
Shift will be held in Zadar, Croatia on the 16th and 17th of September
How can I connect with other attendees at the conference?
All Shift attendees will be able to download and use the event app which is easy to use and will feature an option of contacting all attendees and speakers.
Will there be a place to send an email or have a business call on Shift?
Yes, there will be two different business areas with desks and chairs where attendees will have time to do some work or have an in-person or online meeting.
Will it is possible to set up meetings/chat with attendees?
Yes, all attendees that have downloaded the app will be able to contact other attendees, set up a meeting, or simply have a chat.
Are the refreshments free of charge?
Yes, refreshments in the Garden area will be provided by our vendors and will be free of charge for all attendees. Refreshments include both meat and vegan dishes, and different types of beverages.
Who can attend the afterparties, and how?
All attendees can attend afterparties on both days of the event. More details will be provided soon via email, social media, and event app.
Can I bring my kid?
Shift is a kids friendly event, but no child care service will be provided. Kids can attend, but with parents' supervision.
Where is the closest airport?
Restaurants, bars, hotels, and traveling in Zadar?
Zadar provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to rest and relax. Find out more here.
How can I get to the venue?
We encourage all attendees to reach the venue using taxi services, as well as Uber and Bolt. For those who are coming with their vehicle, we have secured free parking spaces at the venue.
Is Shift accessible by wheelchair?
Yes, all floors and halls of Shift are wheelchair accessible.