Why exhibit on Shift Miami 2025


Shift Miami 2025 will draw more than 500 attendees from all over the world, and you have the chance to present your company to them on our EXPO floor. Become an exhibitor and let us help you grow your visibility, build your business, and find high-quality leads - all in the unique and relaxed atmosphere of Shift.
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Your Goals & Benefits
Here are the main points why you should exhibit on Shift Miami 2025 Conference
Brand recognition and visibility
Whether you are an up-and-coming company or a seasoned veteran, it's always good to be recognized and visible in the industry. We can help you get noticed and let you tell your story in a way that works best for you.
A new potential business partner or a client might be waiting for you at the Shift conference. We will put you in the room with bright and motivated people from the tech industry, and that means only one thing - opportunity!
Get a foothold
Miami's tech scene is booming and on the rise. Get ahead of the curve with Shift and establish your brand as a trusted ally for the local IT community. Gain a competitive advantage in this vibrant city's tech landscape.
Generate leads
Expand your network, meet new people, and find new leads for future cooperation. We can help you and your booth grab attention and attract the most people, and our networking and business areas allow you to have a quick meeting on the spot.
Our supporters
Some of our Previous Sponsors
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Let's Achieve Your Goals - Together
Whatever your company's goals are at this moment, we can help you reach them. On Shift, we place you and your booth in the center of the action.
We can help you grab the attention of developers, tech experts, regional and global companies, startups, potential clients, and business partners on our EXPO floor.
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Exhibit & Sponsor
How do I get a booth at the Shift Miami 2025?
You can apply through the sponsorship form here.
What are the differences between sponsorships?
Sponsorships range from one star to five stars, with each higher level of sponsorship increasing the sponsor's presence and visibility at the event. Find more information from our sales representative.
What are the add-ons to sponsorship packages?
Add-ons include sponsorship of lunch, business, and lounge areas. Of course, there is also an option of a la carte sponsorship, but for all details please contact our sales representative.
How many tickets are included in sponsorship packages?
  • One star - 2 tickets
  • Two stars - 5 tickets
  • Three stars - 10 tickets
  • Four stars - 20 tickets
  • Five stars - 30 tickets
Where are attendees of Shift 2025 from?
Attendees are coming from Miami and Florida state, but also from all over North America and LATAM regions.
Do sponsors get tickets for speakers' dinner or afterparty?
All attendees can attend the afterparties, regardless if they are sponsors or not. For the Speakers' dinner, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star sponsors get tickets.
Is accommodation provided by organizers?
Accommodation isn't provided by the organizers.
Can I book 1-ON-1 meetings with other attendees/sponsors?
Yes, all attendees can book meeting with other attendees via the event app.
How do I collect leads?
Leads can be collected with the event app.